I have recently upgraded most of my equipment from APS-C, to full frame digital format. This makes the sensor of my camera the same size as a full 35mm frame, offering my customers enhanced digital image quality in terms of low light capability and dynamic range. This also translates to enhanced color quality and finer apparent "grain", and resolution.

I shoot with Nikon branded cameras along with lenses to match, ranging from an ultra-wide 12mm (full frame) to 500mm plus.

I have several small battery powered flash units with remote flash capability, as well as a set of studio flashes powered by a central line-current power supply. I also have a set of internally powered versatile mono-light flashes of 300 and 400 W/S capacity.

However, I often still prefer the challenge of natural light imagery.

Considering the advances in the technology of this craft, anything additional can easily be rented, making ownership impractical and unneccessary.

Thanks for your interest

Wolfgang Kurth